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How do portable toilets work?

If you’re considering hiring a portable toilet for your event or building site, you might find yourself wondering exactly how portable toilets work. In this article, we’ll be cutting the cr+p and giving you a simple breakdown of how they work.

Simply put, portable toilets flush away waste into a holding tank underneath the seat, which contains chemicals to reduce any odour, decompose waste and kill germs.

Since portable toilets are not connected to sewers, once the holding tank is full…you guessed it – it will need to be emptied. But do not fear, our friendly team is here to come and empty your waste via an output hole by using a large vacuum and make sure everything is as hygienic as possible. Once the waste has been transferred into the tank, it will be taken to a local sewage treatment works so it can be disposed of safely.

This functionality makes portable toilets a very easy solution for any outdoor event or site where toilet access isn’t possible or convenient. However, for long term use, our mains toilets flush directly into your sewerage system, eliminating the need for emptying manually. 

In order to hire our mains toilets, you will require access to 240v power supply and to mains pressure water to successfully connect our mains portable toilets.

How does portable toilet hiring work?

We’re here to support you from start to finish of your portable toilet hiring experience. Our friendly booking team will help arrange a convenient date and time for delivery and pickup, as well as our service team carrying out weekly maintenance to conduct thorough cleaning and replenishment of toilet paper and hand sanitiser. 

If you’re feeling down in the dumps when it comes to finding excellent, timely, local toilet hire, get in touch with us today via our website or call us on 0800 606 100 to see how we can help.

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