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Long-Term Portable Toilet Hire

Portable toilets are essential for events like concerts, festivals and weddings, but that’s not all they’re good for. Many places find hiring loos on a long-term hire basis very useful, from permanent glamping grounds to construction sites, and it doesn’t stop there. Here’s some places you might not expect a portable toilet, but you’ll be glad there’s one around.  

Golf courses

Not a place that most people would think of when it comes to portable toilets, but having enough facilities can make a round of golf much more comfortable. 

A quick trip to the WC before tee-off may not cut it for an 18-hole game, which is where portable toilets come in handy. Having several portable loos dotted around the course saves golfers from crossing their legs or having to use the surrounding trees if they really can’t hold it. 


A family favourite, farms are a great way to spend a few hours with the kids, including strawberry picking in the summer and pumpkin picking in the autumn. But what if halfway through, the kids need the loo? This is where a portable toilet will save the day. One or two throughout the area or lined up at the field’s edge will keep the whole family happy.

Car parks

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing like finally going to the loo after a long drive. Portable toilets in large car parks are a godsend, especially where there are no other facilities like shopping centres. They are also a game-changer in car parks for country estates and theme parks, not only for those who have travelled far, but to keep the queues down in the main area.  

Commercial renovation

Renovating an office building? Don’t get caught out without toilets. With the help of portable loos, construction workers can get the job done without having to use the main restroom facilities. If there are also any disruptions to the internal facilities, our luxury portable trailers provide the perfect solution for office staff to continue working comfortably.

Trails and parks

Nobody likes having to hide behind trees or squat behind a bush when nature calls, so providing portable toilets on long trails or in large parks is a great idea. More often than not, people will spend the entire day walking, exploring and picnicking, so a few loos placed along the way will make the experience much more enjoyable.

Filming for TV/film

Portable toilets are a must-have on certain set types in the entertainment industry. Unusual sites or remote locations don’t always have enough (or any) facilities, so long-term portable loos are perfect for keeping everyone on the production team comfortable. From sets in the middle of a forest to an abandoned warehouse, every location needs a working loo.

Hire your long-term toilets from Toilets+

No matter the space, sector or organisation, portable toilets are really handy; providing comfort and sanitation wherever they go. At Toilets+, we have a range of portable toilets to choose from, including standard portable loos, mains and hot water chemical toilets, disabled toilets, urinals and luxury trailers.

Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered. Our toilets are serviced weekly, with our expert team collecting waste and making sure the loos are fully stocked and serviced. 

Interested in hiring some portable toilets? Get in touch today on 0800 606 100, or use our simple online form to get a quote.

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