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luxury portable trailers at a wedding

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Luxury Portable Toilet Hire Fit For Your Wedding

When planning a wedding what springs to mind? Probably – venue, food, photographer, music, but what about toilets? Toilet facilities are essential for any wedding or event, but they often get overlooked. If your venue is outside or doesn’t have enough on-site facilities, you may need to look into the option of hiring portable toilets. But not just any portable toilets, luxury toilet trailers. Here’s everything you need to know about luxury wedding toilet hire.  

Why you need portable toilets for a wedding

Nowadays you can hold a wedding ceremony and reception in a variety of different venues. This could be an old historic site, outdoor area or even unique places like farms or warehouses. Not all of these venues may have enough toilets or any at all, so hiring portable facilities may be needed.

Before you worry, no, we’re not talking about the standard portable loos. For a wedding, only the best will do. Introducing luxury toilet trailers. These trailers are made specifically for weddings and events to take your loo experience up a notch.  

What makes our luxury toilets so luxurious?

As standard, every luxury trailer comes with top-quality hand soap, plenty of toilet roll, mirrors and lights, so they can be used day and night. There are also stairs leading up to the toilets with handrails to keep guests safe, especially after one too many drinks!

All of our luxury toilet trailers are completely self-contained and split into male and female sections for privacy. The interior has a minimalistic yet stylish finish and the exterior comes complete with a skirt that covers the trailer’s wheels.

How many trailers do I need?

Our trailers come in three different sizes, 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1. The type of trailer you need will depend on how many guests you’re expecting, the duration of your wedding and if alcohol will be served. 

Holding an intimate event? Our 1+1 unit is the perfect size for smaller weddings of up to 75 people. It includes one female toilet and one male toilet, each in their own compartment and complete with a sink for private use. If your venue doesn’t have much space to spare, then this is the unit for you.

If you’re planning a wedding of up to 175 guests, then our 2+1 trailer is the perfect size. This unit features two private toilets for females with a handy shared double sink area, and a male section with one private toilet, two urinals and a shared double sink area. This is our most popular hire for weddings, providing exactly the right amount of space for medium to large-sized parties.

The largest of all is our 3+1 trailer that has everything you need for weddings of up to 275 people. This unit features three private toilets for females with a shared double sink area and one private toilet, three urinals and a shared double sink area for males. Made for those big bashes, our 3+1 trailer can help avoid those long loo queues and keep your guests happy all night long.

Hire yours for the big day from Toilets+

All sorts can happen at a wedding, but with Toilets+ we’ve got your toilet facilities covered. Hiring our luxury trailers will provide your guests with a clean and convenient loo experience so they can keep going until the early hours.

Need to hire a luxury toilet trailer for your wedding? Call us on 0800 606 100 or fill in our simple online form below to get a quote today. 

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