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Luxury Toilet Hire or Standard Portable Toilet: Which is Right for Your Event?

When planning an outdoor event, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of choosing a venue, catering, and entertainment. But don’t forget about one essential that can make or break your guests’ experience: the toilets. Portable toilets come in a range of options, from standard units to upscale luxury trailers. So how do you decide which is right for your event?

Let’s compare them to help you decide which is the best fit for your event.

Luxury Toilet Hire: Upscale Comfort and Style

For a premium restroom experience, luxury portable toilet trailers are the way to go. These upscale units offer the comfort and sophistication of a home bathroom in a mobile package. People often choose luxury trailers for weddings, VIP events, and any occasion where you want to impress your guests.

Perks of choosing luxury portable toilets:

  • Elegant, minimalist interior design with home-like finishes
  • Stairs and handrails provide safe, easy access for all guests
  • Separate men’s and women’s suites with private stalls
  • Mirrors, interior lighting, and ample toilet paper
  • Exterior design features for a polished look
  • High-end hand soap

Luxury toilet hire provides a premium restroom experience that will wow your guests. They are ideal for upscale events like weddings where you want every detail to impress. However, the main trade-off is the higher rental cost compared to standard units.

Standard Portable Toilets: Practical and Cost-Effective

Standard portable chemical toilets are the most common type you’ll see at construction sites, festivals, and other large gatherings. These units provide a convenient and cost-effective sanitation solution.

Here’s some advantages of standard portable toilets:

  • Compact size makes them easy to place where needed
  • Translucent roof allows in natural light during the day
  • Most economical portable toilet option, ideal for large crowds and multi-day events
  • Can be serviced and restocked regularly to stay clean and functional

While standard portable toilets may lack some creature comforts, they reliably get the job done at a reasonable price point. For large festivals, construction projects, or any event needing ample facilities on a budget, standard portable toilets are a smart choice.

The Verdict

So which type of portable toilet should you choose? It depends on your event. For large crowds, multi-day events, or any situation where you need a large quantity of basic facilities, standard portable toilets are the practical choice. But if you’re hosting an upscale event and want to treat your guests to a little opulence, luxury toilet hire is worth the splurge.

Toilets+ offers a wide selection of both standard and luxury portable toilets for hire, ensuring you find the right option for your event. Our experienced team will help you determine the right type and quantity of loos for your event, then deliver and service them for a stress-free experience. Contact us on 0800 606 100 for a quote!

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