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luxury portable toilet in Norfolk

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Thrones Fit For Royalty

Found the perfect location for your wedding, party or corporate event only to discover that they don’t have a toilet? Or maybe if they do it’s not up to the standard you’d like? Our new Luxury Toilet Trailer Hire definitely sounds like the right fit. Treat your guests to a seat at a throne as grand as your event with one of our Luxury Toilet Trailers, available in 3 different sizes providing suitability for a range of events.

1+1 Unit

Need a posh but still compact portable toilet for your event?? Our 1+1 Luxury Trailer feels more like you’re going to the bathroom. The perfect toilet for a smaller occasion, event or party, catering for up to 75 people. Each guest at your event will be pleasantly surprised with where they do their business, especially with the included toilet roll and quality hand soap provided with all of our luxury trailers.  

2+1 Unit

The Belle of the Ball, our mid-sized 2+1 luxury trailer will keep any bride from crossing her legs. With so much to think about on your special day, this unit gives you one less thing to stress about. The perfect choice for a wedding, with capacity for up to 175 people. Your guests will be relieved, literally, to have a luxury toilet trailer that matches the elegance of the wedding. Guaranteed to impress everyone, even the new in-laws!

3+1 Unit

The Queen of our collection, our 3+1 Luxury Toilet Trailer is fit for a royal banquet. This elegant trailer will take your guests’ breath away with its stunning decor and stylish lighting. With this luxury toilet there is no excuse for guests to leave early to use the loo, the party will be going on all night long as this trailer can cater for 275 people over 8 hours. Wondering where your guests have gotten to? You’ll probably find them taking selfies in the large beautifully lit mirrors!

Don’t compromise when it comes to luxury

Still not sure which of our Luxury Toilet Trailers are the right fit for your special occasion? Take a look here at some of the answers to our most commonly asked questions about our Luxury Trailers at Toilets+:

What exactly do 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 mean?

They simply refer to the number of toilet cubicles that can be found in each trailer. So for example the 2+1 unit means that there are 2 female toilets and 1 mens. You may be thinking that 1 mens toilet isn’t going to be enough, don’t worry in our bigger luxury toilet trailers (2+1 and 3+1) there are 2 or 3 additional urinals included. 

What sort of location can they be used on?

The event’s location must have a clear path on and off for us to be able to access the land. They are suitable for inside or outside, as long as it is easily accessible, has enough height clearance and is ventilated.

What else should I consider before choosing a location?

All of our luxury toilet trailers require electricity in the form of a 240 volt power supply. Either in the form of a generator or a mains power supply will do just fine.

You may also want to consider when you want your unit to be delivered and collected as you cannot move the unit once it is placed, so make sure to get it delivered and properly set up before your guests start arriving!

It is easy to overlook the toilet situation at your venue, and most of the time overlooking them is better than looking at them. But with our luxury toilet trailers your guests’ business is covered and covered in style. These trailers are also perfect for sporting, corporate and fundraising events throughout Norfolk.

For a no obligation quote, simply fill out the form on our website or give us a call on 0800 606 100 for a chat about which of our Luxury range would be the best fit for your event. Whilst we only offer luxury toilets throughout Norfolk for the time being, if you’re interested in getting quality luxury toilet hire in your area we’re always interested in customer feedback.

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