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New Year, Same Sh+t

We’re back and ready for 2021 – new year, same challenges.

Following the Government’s recent announcement and the move for most of the country into Lockdown#3, this is a message to let you know we’re open and it’s business as usual for us.

As always, our main priority is the safety of our staff and customers and we’re well practised at the COVID-19 Secure procedures that were in place for most of 2020.

Our message is clear, it’s business as usual and as long as the construction industry stays open then so will we.

We will keep abreast of the changing government announcements and will quickly adapt as necessary, but we’re still confident as ever that we can support our loyal customers throughout this next Lockdown period.

So, if you need a portable toilet please contact us on 0800 606 100.

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