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Peequal Opportunities For All

We’re all aware that urinals are made with men in mind but is it time to introduce them for women as well? Said to be 6 times quicker to use, the Peequal comes with a lot of hidden benefits. But do we really need to introduce more toilets? It’s not something that we’re used to and it may feel a little out of the blue but the Peequal could solve the nationwide problem that all women face when needing the loo at a public event, queueing. 

What is a Peequal?

Simply put, it’s a women’s urinal. The Peequal has been introduced by graduates Amber Probyn and Hazel McShane in an attempt to reduce the amount of time women spend queueing to use the toilet. For anyone that has attended a public event, such as a festival or a concert, it is a common sight to see the women lining up for the loo around the block while men seem to walk straight in. Designed to shorten the queues, the Peequal offers similar benefits to a men’s urinal, a quick way to relieve yourself when you get that sudden urge and you can’t wait 10 minutes with your legs crossed. 

Why so Desperate to Change?

Men have had access to urinals since the end of the 19th century so why has it taken until now for the idea to emerge that women could use a urinal too? Maybe it’s because men find it easier to use a urinal, and that involves the fact that they can stand up to do it. Also, you can have more urinals in a smaller space, meaning more men can be using the toilet facilities than women who are stuck with two cubicles compared to men’s 6 urinals. Events are getting larger, holding more and more people who all have the same toiletry needs and with queues therefore getting longer, and longer a quicker process is necessary to stop you from crying in your pants. 

Another reason for the sudden need for these toilets is for sanitary reasons. The Peequal offers a hands free alternative to a standard portable toilet. With no handles to touch, or lids to raise, it’s as simple as dropping your trousers and getting on with it. With the current pandemic, toilets have often been closed off to the public. A nightmare for those of us with small bladders. But with no touching of surfaces required, these urinals are a way to urinate safely and should therefore be able to stay open if toilets close again. 

Ladies, Let Us Explain the Logistics

Here’s one word to sum it all up… hovering. Something that most women are familiar with. Research carried out by Probyn and McShane shows that women are already hovering over public toilets, choosing not to make contact with the plastic poop halo already used by a number of people. (A common misconception is that germs can be picked up from a toilet seat – this is a myth! Germs can’t survive on cold, hard surfaces, such as a toilet seat. But most women still choose to believe this).

So enters the Peequal. Designed with hovering in mind the boat shaped pedestal is where women should be directing their bodily functions. However you squat – wide, low or high, the shape is designed to mean there is no splashing – that’s good to know! Squatting down can lead to some unsteady business, so the structure of the walls have been formulated to hold any weight leant against it. The walls however do not cover your face but don’t worry, your privates will stay private. You are covered from the waist down but your head and shoulders will still be visible to allow the ‘social’ in social events to continue. 

Are Women’s Urinals Appeeling?

The Peequal might not be for everyone, some people value privacy and a little alone time while on the loo. That’s understandable! But standing in line to use the toilet when you’re desperate isn’t just uncomfortable, getting to the front of the queue in time can be a matter of life or death when your favourite band is about to headline at Glasto! In cases when you find ur-ine trouble, the Peequal could provide a quick alternative to give you the relief you oh so desire.

Main-stream Alternatives

Unfortunately the Peequal is not quite ready for public use. While we wait we have listed some more common alternative services that we supply:

Urinal Portable Toilets

The urinal we are all accustomed to, this holds 6 people at a time with 1 trough either side of the space. Useful if time is of the essence. 

Standard Chemical Portable Toilets

The standard choice for a portable toilet. Popular with everyone and also available as a disabled portable toilet they all come stocked with toilet paper and hand sanitiser so there is one less thing for you to worry about.

Event Portable Toilets

Available for event hire, our friendly team will come and collect your toilets after the event and will provide weekly services to ensure the unit remains at its highest standard throughout.

So are women’s urinals the next big thing? While we might not offer a women’s urinal just yet, it could be on the cards. In the meantime if you are loo-king for portable toilets, we offer a quick turnaround and professional service. For more information about the services we offer and the best options for your site, call us on 0800 606 100 to speak to a professional or complete a quote form online today.

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