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Portable Toilet Hire for Home Renovations and Extensions

If you’ve been watching Extraordinary Extensions with Tinie Tempah on Channel 4, you might have spotted something familiar. That’s right, one of our portable toilets is famous! In the background of episode 6 season 2, you can see our bright blue portable toilet next to the house being renovated. Wonder if Tinie Tempah used it?

House renovations and extensions are prime examples of when a portable toilet is not just a good idea, but a necessary one. But why is that? In this article, we explain why toilet hire is a must-have for any home-building work.


Building work is a dirty job. There’s no denying that with construction comes dirt, dust and debris, as well as materials like concrete and resin. No one wants all of that muck trekked through their house if it can’t be helped. Plus, cement isn’t very easy to get out of carpets.

By putting a portable toilet outside in your garden or driveway, builders have their own toilet to use instead of needing to go through your house to use yours. This can help to keep your carpets and floorboards clear of dirt, and builders appreciate having their own private space too.


Privacy is important to all of us, and it can be challenging to have strangers in our homes or gardens for a long period of time. As lovely as they might be over a cuppa, it’s still best if the builders aren’t walking through the house while you’re trying to hang your washing out.

The builders, too, don’t want to intrude. It can be pretty awkward needing to enter the house while the whole family is having dinner just to use the toilet. With a portable toilet outside, builders can stay out of the way, saving everyone from that classic British awkwardness that seems to follow us all.

HSE advice compliance

Not only is a portable toilet a good solution for cleanliness and privacy, but it’s also advised. According to Health and Safety Executive (HSE) advice, there should be one portable toilet available for every seven workers during a 40-hour working week. The toilets must also be well-ventilated and well-maintained.

At Toilets+, all of our portable chemical toilets, hot water chemical toilets and mains-powered toilets come steam cleaned. Each of these models would be perfect for a house renovation or an extension build, as they come fully stocked with the essentials.

When it comes to emptying the toilets, we’ll handle it. Once a week, we’ll swing by to empty them efficiently and professionally with zero fuss, and we’ll clean them too. When it comes to your portable toilets, you won’t have to lift a finger.


Portable loos aren’t just for the builders. If your house is under construction, you might not have access to your own toilet. Maybe you’re getting a new bathroom, maybe the way to the loo is blocked by building works, or maybe you’re renovating the entire house. Whatever the reason, you and your family will still need a toilet.

Now don’t worry, we’re not about to suggest you use a portable toilet for the entire home improvement project; some projects can go on for months. If you’re after something that feels just like your own bathroom, we’ve got a range of luxury toilet trailers for hire.

You might be thinking that these are too big, but you’d be surprised. Our most compact luxury trailer is approximately 2.05 metres wide and 2.08 metres long. This can easily fit into most standard driveways and gardens, and give the traditional portable toilet a serious upgrade. With hot running water and fully flushing loos, our luxury portable toilets are like a home away from home.

Our luxury 1+1 unit comes fully stocked with toilet rolls and luxury hand soap and can be connected to your mains power or generator via the power socket. So instead of nipping down to the local pub every time you need the loo, hire one of our posh loo trailers and enjoy comfort while your own bathroom is out of action.

Hire your house renovation facilities from Toilets+

If you’ve got some home renovations coming up, be it building an extension like on Extraordinary Extensions or a brand new kitchen installation, don’t forget about portable toilets. Whether it’s for the workers, for you or both, portable toilets are essential for keeping everyone comfortable.

We’re the go-to experts when it comes to portable toilets. If you already know what you want, fill out our simple quote request form on our website or give us a call on 0800 606 100. We’ll ensure your “business” is well taken care of.

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