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Renting Portable Toilets for Your Construction Site

The importance of hiring portable toilets for your construction site(s) shouldn’t be overlooked, particularly with the current government advice surrounding Covid-19.  

Portable toilets are a common sight on large construction sites, but now with government restrictions surrounding social distancing measures, trades people can be prevented entering homes and offices on short-term sites. For the wellbeing of your team, it is more important than ever to ensure that they have enough toilet facilities available, as and when they need them.

Thanks to our many depots across South, East and Central England, covering over 20 counties our team are on hand to deliver your choice of toilet to your construction site on both short and long-term hire contracts. Our standard chemical toilets tend to be the favoured option for building sites, with other options including our mains units, hot water units and or disabled units also available to hire. These are a simple, ventilated toilet, which include an alcohol-based hand sanitiser to assist with keeping staff safe and clean. 

Why hire a toilet for your project site?

Help to keep your staff and clients safe and happy

Keeping current social distancing regulations in mind, it is more important than ever that your workers have access to a toilet. It may be that a previously used public toilet is shut or that your workers are unable to access a bathroom within a building that previously was able to be utilised. Ensuring you have an adequate number of toilets for your team will keep your team happy and reduce the reliance on using your client’s personal bathroom. The HSE suggests that you should have at least 1 toilet for every  7 workers  on site.

Increase Productivity

There is often a lot of time wasted during searching for the nearest public toilet. Manage your workers time more effectively by offering onsite toilet facilities. This will mean they can access toilets as and when they need them, reducing unnecessary time off site. Easily accessible toilets will also reduce the inclination of those who have a habit to urinate ‘in the wild’ when there is not a toilet nearby, which is of course unpleasant and unsanitary for others working in the area.  

Make sure you are compliant with current regulations

The HSE set the standard that there should be flushing toilets accompanied with running water within every workplace, but of course on a construction site, this may not always be possible. Therefore, when you are working on a building project it is accepted that a chemical toilet is an adequate alternative solution. 

Choose a reputable supplier, like us, and you will also ensure that your hired toilet has adequate ventilation and that it is emptied and cleaned on a regular basis, to comply with the hygiene standards as set by the HSE.

Need to hire a toilet for your site?
We offer quick turnaround and a professional service. If you would like some further information about the best option for your site or a quotation for construction toilets, contact us today via our form or call us on 0800 606 100.

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