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scrunch or fold toilet paper

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Scrunch or Fold? The Toilet Industry’s Greatest Debate

It’s a simple question: do you scrunch or do you fold your toilet paper? Everyone has an opinion and thinks their way of wiping is the right way. Does it even really matter how we wipe? No, but people love to argue about it anyway.

Martin Richards, Director of Hygienic Technology Experts at SMARTi Environmental, says that if you’re using toilet roll efficiently, you should only need around 10 sheets per loo visit. But this of course depends on what kind of toilet roll user you are. Here’s a breakdown of the different methods. 

Serial Scruncher

For scrunchers, bathroom efficiency is key. There’s no time to neatly fold; instead, it’s a scrunch-and-go kind of affair. Some may refer to it as chaotic, but scrunchers view it as a time saver. 

Mathematical Folder

For those who approach toilet paper with mathematical precision, every wipe is a calculated manoeuvre. It’s all about getting the ideal number of squares to thickness ratio, and folding each one over for added protection.

Minimalist Wiper

Are you a one-square wonder? A minimalist wiper takes pride in efficiency. They believe in getting the job done with the least amount of paper possible. It’s like a high-stakes game of bathroom Jenga – one wrong move, and disaster could strike.

Mummy Method

Do you wind the toilet paper around your hand until you resemble a Mummy? It’s not that these people want to look like a Mummy; it’s about the added security when wiping. The extra sheets are a small price to pay for the reassurance it brings. 

Hybrid Approach

But hold on, there’s a middle ground too. There are those who scrunch and fold depending on the situation. For these people, it’s all about adaptability and going with the flow.

Environmental Warrior

The Environmental Warrior is all about saving the trees one wipe at a time. They’ve mastered the art of the eco-friendly dab. They use just enough toilet paper to get the job done and may even invest in reusable toilet paper

We’re not here to settle the fold/scrunch debate, but we do provide loo roll with all of our portable toilets. You can use whichever method you like when using our toilets – we don’t judge! Whether using our standard portable toilets or luxury loos, you can scrunch or fold to your heart’s content.

Do you need portable loos for your event, construction site or anything else that requires a toilet? Give us a call on 0800 606 100 to find out more about the portable toilet options we offer, or use our easy online form to get a quote.

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