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Portable Toilet Hire in London

Our Toilets

Services Included

  • Construction Hire
  • Event Hire
  • Toilet Servicing
portable toilets

Standard Chemical Portable Toilets

We have portable toilets for hire across several locations in the UK. We will deliver a clean and fully stocked with loo roll and hand sanitiser as standard, flushing toilet to your site, with no need for access to electrics. This option is ideal for a building site toilet or other construction or landscaping projects.

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mains toilets

Mains Portable Toilets

Our mains toilets are just like a household toilet, but temporary. They require you to connect them into the mains drainage and connection to electrics, making them ideal for a longer term solution. We're proud to provide perfect portable loos for your requirements.

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disabled toilets

Disabled Portable Toilets

With a wider entrance, additional space inside and internal handrails, our disabled toilets offer comfort and ease of access for those who need it. Our disabled portable toilets will ensure that your event or function is accessible to everyone.

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chemical toilets

Hot Water Chemical Portable Toilets

We offer flushing chemical toilets with a hot water sink, making these units even more hygienic for your users. These toilets require connections to mains water and electrics. Toilet roll comes as standard, so you can ensure the utmost cleanliness across your hired toilets.

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urinals toilets

Urinal Portable Toilets

We offer two options for portable urinals, 4-bay and 6-bay units.

Our 4-bay free-standing urinals can be used by four people simultaneously, making it ideal for outdoor events.

Our 6-bay enclosed urinals feature two three-person troughs on either side of the unit and come with hand sanitiser as standard so there are no hidden fees. Portable urinal hire is a great way to prevent queues forming and reduce wait times.

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portable toilets

Event Portable Toilets

With regional depots spread across the south of England, we can provide a portable toilet to wherever you need it. We will deliver a flushing toilet fully stocked up with loo roll and hand sanitiser which doesn’t need access to electrics. If you’re doing some house renovations or even hosting a small event, this is the option for you.

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The Toilets+ depot in Erith cover portable toilet hire in London and the surrounding London Boroughs. With installation, servicing, and removal all covered by our expert team, you can trust that things will be carried out to the highest standard and in a timely fashion.

As London is a continuously developing city, and construction sites are regularly appearing at its centre and the surrounding boroughs, we stock a variety of toilets for hire that can be easily dispatched across the city. 

Suiting all demands, the Erith depot is stocked with stand-alone units, mains toilets which make use of the mains plumbing, and units which offer access for the disabled.

Outstretched hand presenting an offering of toilet roll

Toilet Facilities Throughout the Whole of London

Having a great working knowledge of the towns around London, our team are able to deliver and service portable toilets efficiently. Here are just a few of the places we supply to:

  • Barnet
  • Croydon
  • Newham
  • Ealing
  • Bromley
  • Lambeth
  • Lewisham
  • Greenwich
  • Camden
  • Bexley


event portable toilet for hire

Charitable Sporting Events

We've provided sanitation for the Race for Life since 2014.

toilets for hire for archeological digs

Unique Projects

We often provide loos for unusual projects too, like this Archaeological Dig in Suffolk.

festival toilet hire norfolk


We were the support act for the Sundown line-up!

festival toilet hire

Stadium concerts

Here we are sitting in the stands at the last Take That Show at Carrow Road.

construction toilets for hire

Sporting events

Lining the streets for the Run Norwich 10k from start to finish.

building toilets for hire

Football match provisions

Whether you're a big or small club we'll be your top supporters.

toilet hire norfolk

House Renovations

Are you transforming your house to a Dream Home? We can provide all the provisions to those workmen making it happen.

Portable Toilet hire in London: putting the crap in Crapital City.

Never again be caught with your pants down in London town, call our Erith depot for a place to drop off your unwanted refuse, today. We will always have a toilet that will fit your needs, be it chemical toilets with hot water sinks for those looking for a throne away from home or a portable place to pee in privacy. With experienced drivers from the local area, you will get your toilets to your site in a speedy and professional fashion.


Whether you need a Poo-isham in Lewisham or a Wee-ling in Ealing, you can be safe in the knowledge that we’ve got you covered. With friendly and supportive staff waiting to take your call, hiring a toilet in London from Toilets+ means that you will never again be forced to remortgage the house to buy a Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato just to use the restroom! And with weekly cleaning services upon request, you can be rest assured that your visit will be a pleasant one.

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