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Toilets+ Fundraising round up for Toilet Twinning

If you hadn’t already noticed toilets are our thing, so when we reached 30 years of providing portable toilets across the country we decided we wanted to celebrate by giving something back. 

There are still 4.2 billion people in the world living without access to safely managed sanitation, which is why we’ve partnered with Toilet Twinning. A brilliant charity that works with corporate companies, communities, schools, universities and churches to improve sanitation in poor communities. Our aim is to twin as many toilets as possible before midnight on World Toilet Day (19th November 2021). 

What are we doing to help?

Our team is going above and beyond to help reach this figure to flush away poverty one toilet at a time, whilst the past year has been challenging for everyone, we can’t imagine that 673 million people still have to defecate in the open as they don’t have access to a proper toilet. 

The bottom line is we’d like to twin as many toilets as possible this year. Over the past 3 months our team has raised a grand total of £2,370 with some fantastic efforts by all involved. 

From November 9th to 31st December Mark completed 180 minutes of exercise and raised £205 – enough to twin 3 toilets. 

In the month of December, Diane gave up her favourite tipple – Gin – for the entire month. A very tough month indeed, however in doing so she managed to raise £65 so was able to twin one toilet.

Will our Wymondham Depot Manager dyed his beard blue and also raised enough to twin a toilet with a total of £100. Whilst Kelly donated money for every toilet she delivered during December raising £79, another toilet twinned.

In January, Lucy completed 10,000 steps per day and raised £60, enough to twin a toilet for those in need.

February has seen some tough competition with Sarah giving up alcohol for the month raising £70 and Ellie racked up a cracking 74.9 miles in 7 days completing her run at Toilets+ Head Office, she chose this distance as it’s 749 miles from the east to west coast of Zambia, our chosen country to support. So far she’s raised a massive £865.

Since the 9th of November Lisa made a pledge to lose weight for Toilet Twinning, so far she’s lost 12 pounds and in the meantime gained £80. Her pact will continue through till next November so keep your eyes peeled on how she does. 

As well as pushing ourselves individually, we’ve also managed to have some fun as a team, with cake sales and donning some Christmas Jumpers over the Festive period. 

With still some way to go till we hit our target of £10,000 we’ve got a few things up our sleeves. Including 749 miles cycled in a month, 74.9 miles run in a month plus we’ll be doing a Team Challenge in the Summer, so watch this space to find out how we get on. 

If you’re also stunned that in 2021 there are still so many people without sanitary conditions to pee in peace then feel free to donate here and help us, help the people of Zambia. 

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