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Toilets+ team photo in Norwich

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Toilets+ Take on Break Charity’s GoGo Trail 2022 Sponsors Challenge

This summer, Shaun, Matt, Hannah G and Hannah B represented the Toilets+ team at the Break Charity’s GoGo Trail 2022 Sponsors Challenge. Putting on their trainers, they made their way into Norwich to get stuck into Break Charity’s GoGo Trail 2022 Sponsors Challenge.

The challenge set by Break Charity was to visit as many T.Rex sculptures around Norwich as they could in two hours, answer a question and get a selfie with each one. A point was up for grabs for every dinosaur they could find, 55 points in total. The team were up against 14 other sponsor teams to win one of the following titles – 1st, 2nd or 3rd place for  ‘The Fastest Team’, ‘Best Dressed Team’ and the ‘Most Creative Mode of Transport’. Unfortunately, the Toilets+ team were not quite brave enough for the fancy dress category, narrowing it down to a choice between speed or creativity if we wanted to win a prize.

After a few failed attempts at renting some electric scooters, we decided to set off on foot with Hannah G on the maps, Matt with the question clipboard, Hannah B on selfie duty, and of course, Shaun trying to throw the other teams off the scent. With a strong start, the team headed for the areas with the most dinosaurs but were soon caught up by other teams, therefore it was decided to channel efforts into winning the ‘Most Creative Mode of Transport’ category instead.

On route, the team passed the very friendly Pub and Paddle team. After Shaun explained that the team were taking part in a charity treasure hunt, they kindly agreed to lend the team two boats to row down the river and get a selfie with the T.Rex on Fye Bridge.

The team returned to the starting point with 10 minutes to spare, ready for the prize presentation. Managing to visit an impressive 30 dinosaurs in the two hours given, unfortunately it was not quite enough to win 1st place, but a great effort nonetheless! 

Some of the other teams managed to get around by car, piggyback, and one team even had a picture in a police car, however, the boat trip was enough to bring home the title of ‘Most Creative Mode of Transport’!

The project aims to raise valuable funds for the charity, which makes life better for children and young people who are on the edge of care, in care and leaving care. In total, the event raised an excellent £1,200! 

We are not only super proud of the team, but we are also very proud to be supporting such an important charity and look forward to future opportunities to get involved and raise more money!

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