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What can we expect outdoor events to look like going forward?

Whilst many areas of our lives have adapted to the new normal, the majority of large events either haven’t returned or are still to be determined. 

Which leads to the question, what will events such as festivals, concerts and outdoor cinemas look like post-lockdown?

What’s being done now?

For events like food markets and fun fairs, there appears to be a process and system in place to combat the health and safety issues of today. The following are required in order to host or serve at an event:

  • Signage to highlight that 2m distancing at all times is necessary
  • Two separate designated areas for ordering and collection – if this can’t be adhered to, food and drink has to be served to the table
  • A one way queueing system
  • Tables need to be cleaned after each use
  • Request visitors to fill in track and trace forms
  • No music or dancing
  • Disposable cutlery (optional)
  • Hand sanitiser on display and accessible

How can Toilets+ help?

The Prime Minister’s newest slogan has put hands, face and space on loop in our heads whenever we venture outside of the home. In particular, hand cleanliness is key in reducing our chances of contracting the virus. 

Therefore, it comes as no surprise to see that hand sanitiser being accessible at all points of contact is a compulsory requirement wherever you go. Particularly where food and drink are being served, toilets and hand washing facilities are a legal essential, especially at events.

At Toilets+, we offer standard chemical toilets with hand sanitiser, mains toilets and chemical toilets with hot water basins. These will require connection to mains pressure water and an electricity system, but allow you to provide sufficient temporary hand washing facilities for visitors and workers. 

Our servicing team will continue to collect, drop off, empty and sanitise our portable toilets. In addition to this, it’s now mandatory for our workers to wear gloves on top of their uniform gauntlets and in conjunction with the usual Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), making sure to dispose of and change the gloves over in between each service and collection to prevent cross-contamination. 

What does the future for events look like?

To date, the majority of events that typically bring large groups of people together have been cancelled well in advance. Nonetheless, Sam Fender performed at the first socially distanced concert on the 11th August 2020, held at Virgin Money Unity Arena who have received positive feedback for taking this step and their group band and marketing director Helen Page had this to say: ‘We are delighted to play a part in bringing back live music events as we start to emerge from lockdown. This feels like a unique opportunity to celebrate music and all the wonderful emotions that come with experiencing it live alongside other music fans.’ Social extravaganza Bongo’s Bingo also gave this new approach to live experiences a go on the 30th August 2020. So, not all hope is lost as we wait and see whether these events continue without a hiccup.

Some of the precautions taken at said events include the following:

  1. Roped off seating sections

The biggest change we’re seeing is 2m socially distanced and roped off sections, aimed to occupy groups of 6 or less in order to comply with the Government’s maximum support bubble limit. Occupants need to remain in their assigned sections, all food and drink will be brought to tables, with the only necessary reasons to leave being a toilet break or to leave entirely.

  • Remain a certain distance from performers

Although there is a slight discrepancy between whether the virus can be airborne or not, regulations have been put in place for stage performers who will be shouting or singing throughout the performance, due to projection. Therefore, both performers and the audience need to keep to a distance (say goodbye to crowd surfing) of 2-2.5m from each other.

Despite being nowhere near the packed crowds, mosh pits and tent sharing experience we’re all used to, the trials that are being carried out go to show that virtual experiences won’t necessarily be the only way to experience our favourite performers live.  If you’re looking to hire toilet facilities, contact a member of our team on 0800 606100 or via our contact form at the bottom of the page.

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