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What Type of Portable Toilet Do I Need?

disabled portable toilet in school field

Our portable toilets come in various sizes and are designed for varying purposes. You may not realise there are several different options available and it’s important you pick the correct system for your project or event.

We provide 4 main types of portable loo, all of which serve different purposes. We supply standard portable toilets and disabled toilets, as well as mains toilets and chemical toilets with hot water for a slightly more permanent solution ideal for long term projects.

All our facilities are delivered by our experienced workforce in our own fleet of vehicles. Each unit will have been thoroughly sanitised, deodorised and steam cleaned before every delivery.

But which toilet is right for you?

1. Chemical Portable Toilets

If you’ve ever been to a large event or worked on a small building site, you’ll have used one of these before. All our standard and event chemical toilets arrive steam cleaned and stocked with toilet roll and hand sanitiser to ensure the highest level of cleanliness.

As our most popular hire, this style of toilet is ideal for those seeking a short term hire or single placement. Alternatively they work well at large events, and if used for long term hire, our service team will carry out weekly maintenance to conduct thorough cleaning and replenishment of toilet paper and hand sanitiser.

We hold a large stock of this toilet hire, meaning we can cater for all eventualities.

2. Mains Toilet

What you see is what you get, our mains toilets flush directly into your sewerage system eliminating the need for emptying manually. These are the perfect balance between temporary and permanent systems.

In order to hire this set up you will require access to 240v power supply and to mains pressure water to successfully connect our mains portable toilets.

3. Disabled Toilets

Our disabled toilets feature a larger door for ease of use with no step for wheelchair access.

Available to hire alongside our standard units, the disabled toilet size is not so large it needs to be set apart from the designated area. With added grab rails you can be confident you are providing the best facilities for all users to feel comfortable and catered for.

4. Hot Water Chemical Toilets

Perfect for construction sites, our chemical toilets are supplied with a hot water sink for added cleanliness and benefit for users who are working during the colder seasons. Due to offering hot water facilities, these loos will require access to mains pressure water and an electricity supply.

What do I need to do to ensure easy drop off and pick up?

Before we arrive on site, this is what you need to consider before deciding on the location for your toilets:

  • A flat and dry area should be cordoned off as the designated area for the toilets to reside, bearing in mind these need to be close to the required mains and resource supply if they offer drainage or hot water. Please ensure this is a location that our vehicles can reach with ease.
  • Allow enough space, each standard unit is 4ft square, so ensure you allow enough space for this and the number of toilets you’ve hired, including the space they will need to open and close the toilet door.
  • One other person is around for the delivery and collection of the toilets as help may be required to manoeuvre these into position as we don’t use mechanical lifting equipment.
  • Knowing which type of portable loo you require is important when hiring, to ensure you avoid problems upon the arrival of your hire toilets. If you’re still unsure which is the best solution for your project, contact our friendly team today on 0800 606 100.

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